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Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below and let us know if you need further assistance.

Q: Can I keep copies of items found on
A: Yes, copies can be kept for personal use. Please check the details for each item with regard to any copyright limitations for use in educational settings. Any item desired for commercial use needs authorization from the Hastings Public Library. Use the Contact Us form.

Q: Can I request specific items be scanned and posted on this website?
A: Yes, but we cannot guarantee if or when it can be accomplished. Feel free to ask and we can discuss it. Use the Contact Us form.

Q: Do I have to have a library card from the Hastings Public Library to access material on this website?
A: No, anyone is welcome to browse and learn about Barry County, MI local history

Q: I think you have posted something on this site that is copyrighted. Who do I talk to about this?
A: Please see our Copyright Questions page for more information.

Q: Can I come to the Library to see the online items in person?
A: Yes, in most cases. Feel free to Contact Us ahead of time to ensure the material is available.

Q: How much material does the Library have that is not available on this website?
A: The simple answer is a lot! We are working to make available what we can online and are focused on items that are of the most interest to the general public, or that we get the most requests to see. Visit the Library's website for more information about our collection.

Q: How do I search for information in all of the online newspapers?
A: Click on the magnifying glass search icon in the upper right. Then enter your search term(s) in the simple search box and press Enter or click on Search. Any PDF file on the site that contains your term(s) should be listed. Do not use the Advanced Search.

See How to Use Online Newspapers for more information.

Q: What is the difference between Basic Search and Advanced Search?
A: Basic search looks through all of the items on the site to find your search term(s) in titles, descriptions and file content. Advanced Search lets you filter the search based on parameters of your choice, but does NOT search file content.