Barry County History Portal - Hosted by Hastings Public Library

About Us

The Hastings Public Library is located in downtown Hastings, MI next to City Hall. We directly serve residents of the City of Hastings, Hastings Charter Township and Rutland Township.

Part of our mission is to preserve local history, specifically history related to the City of Hastings, Barry County, and all townships within the county.

A sampling of what we maintain includes:

  • Hastings Banner newspapers dating back to 1856
  • Nashville News newspapers dating back to 1873
  • Family histories
  • Platt maps back to the mid-1800's
  • Cemetery records
  • Local veteran's records

In early 2022 we undertook a large project to digitize all of the Hastings Banner newspapers and make them available both online and in the library.Scanning is estimated to be completed by the end of October 2022, at which time we will begin adding the papers to this portal.

Additional newspapers will be digitized over time and added to the portal, plus as many other local history records of interest as we can manage.

Stay tuned for updates.

October 7, 2022