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Bull Diaries




The Bull Diaries is a collection of newspaper clippings assembled by the Bull family over many years. It is not a traditional diary in that no one ecorded their thougths on paper. This collection is presented as is due to ongoing interest from the community, with some caveats:
  • Indexes to most of this content are included within the collection.
  • The indexes sometimes refer to Bull Diary books that are not included here and are not available. We do not have any books numbered 16 and higher.
  • Much of the content contaied in the diaries came from the Hastings Banner which is also availabe on this site.
A few additional newspaper articles about A. E. Bull are also included within this collection.

To find content in a diary:
  1. Look up a name in the appropriate Index.
  2. Once found, look in the column labeled "Book" or "Liber". This will tell you the book and page where information about that name can be found.
Let us know if you have any questions.



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